Dental SEO

Objectives of a Dental Practice Blog

Blogging serves two purposes when it comes to marketing your dental practice. First, a dental blog gives you a way to share information directly with the readers of your blog. Second, by writing a blog you can help your article, and hopefully your website, get picked up in the search engines for the content you write about. What to Write about in your Dental Blog I like to share tips and suggestions to help make the reader's life easier. You are a dentist. You have much wisdom to share with blog...

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Dave Larson 5/14/2014 Comments(0)

Factors Influencing SEO Rankings

I am often asked... Can you get my website ranked high in the search engines? The answer is it depends! Depends on what? you might ask. A lot of things. I don't think most people realize just how many things Google looks at. So to clarify that, here is a handy little table I found on Search Engine Watch. The table explains what some of the factors are that the search engines look for. Here it is... . To get an idea how you are doing, print the chart and pick ...

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